I have returned to Los Angeles. I will be here for at least 30 days

Tonight was the first time I had heard the 8 pm cheer for essential workers. I wonder how long it will go on?

Portland was a fine place to cloister for >40 days. Although we departed before LA had officially mandated SIP. We knew it was coming, and didnt know what the parameters would ultimately be, so we left in a great hurry.

As a result, I had no clue what I would be returning to. It’s only been about ten hours. I’m still not entirely sure.


I don’t know how I managed to spend so many years as a fiber artist; as a knitter specifically, and never once use the Brioche stitch.

It’s so pleasant – it pops up into a big cushy ribbed fabric with stretch and loft; a little complex to troubleshoot perhaps but nothing outrageous.

It’s been there the whole time. But it took decades to cross paths with the “right” project. Now, of course, I’m seeing it everywhere.

The lesson here, of course is that even experts with deep wells of knowledge can be surprised by the basics.


The Husband, The Kid and I have evacuated to Portland, OR. It seemed like the thing to do. I love my DTLA loft, more than any other place I’ve ever lived in LA (and that’s a lot of places).

But it simply lacks the affordances of a freestanding single-family home. Here, we have an embarrassment of space; dirt and trees and birds for Small Cat to watch. It’s less dense, which buffers us from the encroachment of disease somewhat. And it doesn’t hurt that spring is my favorite time of year to be here.

We’re resigned to a full month. It’s a mishmash of feelings: gratitude for having options; frustration at being so far from my hometown and parents; delight in the tenderly unfolding season, fear for the vulnerable people across the globe.


We all feel a bit cringey when we look back on very dated photos, of ourselves and others:

What the hell were they thinking?!

When we look back on the decade spanning 2010-2019, this silhouette will be just as tacky in retrospect:

Terrible for the cervical spine.